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•Christopher Queen Gallery: October 2nd, 2016. "A Splendid Journey: 40th Anniversary Show." Duncans Mills, CA.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Whats this? did I return to oil painting? No! I just layed a texture of a glossy canvas over it to make it look like a varnished painting.. Took me a while to tweak it to what I wanted it to look like. Is it believable or not?

Talking to Syd Mead made me realize that if I want a job doing Concept Art, my chances are much better if I get better at doing environments, and there's a lot I still need to learn. So I decided that the main focus of my studies is going to be on environments from now on. Eventually I want to gut to the point whereI don't have to even look at a photo to get myself going but for now I will be using ref on everything.

These are based on photos but I used custom brushes to find new shapes for the structures.

Monday, April 23, 2007

went for something new this time.. I painted the model in black and white, then added a color layer in photoshop to finish it off.. Usually, if I do a painting in color, I do the entire painting in color from the get-go, but its always nice to have more approaches in your reportoire..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Return to Dirty Hands

I took my charcoal pad to the drawing workshop today.. I wanted to see how much of my drawing on the tablet is translating into the rest of my drawing... Turns out a good portion of it still is... the main difference is the way my paper is set up compared to my tablet, and the way I can manuever with my pencil and stick compared to the one way I have to hold my stylus..

I finished reading Robert Fawcett's "On The Art of Drawing", there are a lot of interesting observations he brings up.. among them is proportions, and why so many students cant get them right.. His solution is to "sight-size" your drawings.. Its so simple it's stupid that almost no teachers show how to do it, or even mention it... it does work, though it's hard to set up all the time, it depends a lot on if you're able to set it up with your model and your easel or whatever. I tried it on the quick studies.. worrying about proportions screwed up my line quality some though..
As you can see, I dont like doing the same thing too many times in a row, so I used different techniques with different focuses every time.. These are all 20 min. poses..

Saturday, April 14, 2007

today I went to the atelier figure drawing open session (too bad not more of you go to it, plenty of room!) Good model, kinda nice to draw a male figure for a change, especially one with some real muscle to him, something that unfortunately was too rare in school..

then i went to the costume carnival at the academy of art... It was, umm, not inspiring at all, but here is was i scrounged up from it:

guess, what, I still know what a pencil is:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chiaroscuro FTW!

Today was a great session, we had a great model, was well-lit, she knew how to work with the lighting as well, something you dont see very often at all... I tried to work on a good brush to depict lighting as easily as in traditional media -- havent found it yet...

For everyone that has opencanvas 4 and up, Im putting up event files you can download from here:
Click Here
they're movies of some of the paintings you've seen me put up here

Monday, April 09, 2007

'Nother 3-hour Pose

from todays life painting session... I did a little more in sketchbook pro this time since I'm starting to figure it out more... I still did all the modeling in opencanvas, im also starting to get more confident with that program as well, my brushwork is starting to become more loose and confident in that program... I did some color correction in photoshop to finish it off, also some edgework to smooth out some of the strokes that stood out.. It may look excessively warm and on the pink side, but there was actually a pink and a yellow light shining on her, made the shadows really green, these colors are more accurate than you might think..
When I was finishing the painting and adding texture, one guy asked me what I was doing, he didnt see what I was doing, he actually asked me if I was painting over a photograph! I guess he didnt believe I could get to the degree of finish that I got to in hours.. oh well

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Off Day for Skills

I didnt save the "really bad" ones, and im almost glad that my computer crashed for the last pose... i was trying out some new stuff with some of these, but i was starting to come to realize just how different working digital is from tradtional.. there were things i wanted to do that i didnt have the tool ready to do it, plus there were some limitations as far as pen sensitivity... I think also the model affected me.. You probably cant tell from my drawings, but she was gorgeous, had a beautiful face, i think I was kinda pressuring myself to get the likeness right, and it was screwing with the overall drawing.. anyways there it is

Monday, April 02, 2007

3-Hour Pose

Today I went to a life drawing workshop in Sebastopol, California (which I think is the worst designed town in the world.. I was trying to find the place which was next to a bunch of warehouses, sidewalks kinda appear and disappear, you cant tell when one street ends and another begins, one minute youre in a bunch of warehouses, the next you're in the main square of the town.. wtf)
Anyways, the actual place was cool, much better of a space than the gallery I go to on thursday nights. They have one pose for the entire session. It was the first time I ever used my tablet pc for a single 3-hr pose session.. I used a variety of programs to get to the point of where it looks pretty dang close to one of my oil paintings in the same amount of time..

here I explain the process it took to get here:
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