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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I would have an Oil Painting here..............

but I sold it...

yeah, the first nude figure oil painting from life that I've done in more than a year, and I sold it at the end of the session... The model liked it so much I sold it to her for 40 bucks.. the canvas was even bent too... she claimed I made her 20 years younger.. She had another reason to want the painting. She hates her mother-in-law and her mother in law hates her, so when she was gonna come over for Memorial Day, she was gonna hang it over the mantle right across from the dinner table. Man, and people think Im exaggerating about the people around here. Im sorry, but anybody that has been modelling for more than a few years usually has a screw loose...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Musings about Radio Shack...

Yep, so yesterday was my last day at Radio Shack... As a part-time job it was pretty good to me.. The amount of work I needed to do there was laughable... I didnt even have to try to sell anything, I scoffed at the extended warranties, the commission was a joke. I saved all the brainpower for the art I'd do after work... Most of my co-workers were cool, aside from a few jackasses. I'll miss those guys some.. It was fun telling the one guy everyone hates that no one liked him, he had no idea I didnt like him. The day I told my boss that I was quitting to go work in concept art, my boss even went so far as to tell him I was quitting because I hated him so much! That ruined his day, and I'm glad it did..
Working in retail in the neighborhood I did, you encounter a lot of people that are just 'off'.. Tweakers, thieves, old hippies that hate technology yet they have to buy our products, old folks that have no business going outside of their retirement community, wierdos, junkies, mentally disabled, physically disabled people, and more wierdos.. I got plenty of stories but the one that sticks out in my mind the most was this one woman.

If anyone knows sonoma county very well, you know that outside of the larger suburban whitebread cities, all the other towns around it are havens for hippies and other people who live left of the political scale, along with other "crazies".. This lady comes in interested in cell phones but doesnt know anything about using one. She was looking for a phone with big numbers because she "lost some feeling in her fingers because of gangrene.."
She insisted that we get her a cup of water and a place to sit down. So as my coworker is explaining to her about the cell phones, she could not shut up, going on and on about these crazy tangents, about how her boyfriend was abusing her mentally by smoking too much weed, about how she doenst know if she's gonna keep her house in Forestville; she had a story about everything, she owned, what it meant to her spiritually(She was half Pomo Indian and a Christian, apparently). My partner was just trying to sell her a phone and she wants to dump her life story on us all.
It gets wierder. I was helping this spanish-speaking customer with something, and she starts trying to speaking to him in Spanish. She asked if he was Mexican, he said no, he was Salvadorean (as it said on his embroidered wallet). She went on to say that Mexican men dont treat their women right, and that if he wanted her he'd have to treat her right. She was saying all this in perfectly-broken spanish. Poor guy just wanted to pay his cell phone bill.
So my co-worker finally got her to settle on a phone, finishing the transaction finally. Now, the hard part was teaching her to actually use it, and she was just not getting it, but we managed to show her the basics. She was so happy that we gave her good service that she said if the manager was here she'd make him take us out to lunch. She even wanted to write a letter to him. We thought it was going to be something about her thanking us, instead it went something like this:
"To the manager,
Tell Radio Shack that if we had guys like this in Israel then there would be World War 3."
We had to pin that one up on the bulletin board.
She's finally about to leave, but not before wanting to take all of our cardboard boxes with her. So she rounds up all of our cardboard boxes and takes em outside in front of our door, but only loads about 4 of them into her truck. She also walked around our parking lot picking the flowers out of the "garden" in between the parking spaces. She gets in her truck and is halfway out of our lot, but then turns around and comes walking back into our store. She asked if she left her phone in the store. We tell her no, she took it with her. She is sure she left the phone inside the store, so we look around, but obviously dont find it. She literally lost her phone 5 minutes after she bought it! She's looking around for the phone all over the place, goes into her truck, looks around there for a while. Still cant find it. She's insisting she left it in here. We tell her we'll call the cell number, and follow the ring. So we call it, but we dont hear a ring anywhere in the store. We tell her to go back to the truck and we'll call the number again. She does, and we call it... Surprise! The phone was in between the seat and the armrest!
So she comes back in to thank us for finding her phone. (Oh My God Just Leave Already) She goes back to her truck, gets inside, rummages in there for a while, gets out and starts walking toward our store. What does she want now?? She has a CD in her hand. Its a Neil Diamond CD. She tells us that as a gift, she'll let us borrow it, and to listen to track 12 because "it will change our life," and that it will make us believe in God.
After that, she finally pulls out to leave. A few minutes later we get a call from.....guess who?? She wanted to know how to do something like checking her messages or something. I dunno, but it was something we explained to her and she somehow forgot. We tell her something, and she hangs up. She calls again, with another stupid question. My partner tells her to press some code on her phone, which essentially turns off the phone. She doesn't call again.

Do you think that was the end of her? No! We see her again, about 3 months later. This was way after the guy that sold her the phone quit to go back to school. We had a new assistant manager by then.. She comes in mad because her cell phone bill was huge.. She owed a $400 bill or something. Her story was that she had another phone that we were supposed to shut off before getting this new one. First off, she made no mention of this when she bought the phone, second of all, she was the one with the responsibility to do so. So the assistant manager was trying to explain this all to her, but he was feeling shitty from earlier in the day. She tells him that he's got a "real negative vibe coming off of him". He tells her that he's got a headache. Oh, she's got a remedy for him. She comes back with a pill and a rose that she said she picked from the carl's jr. garden. She tells him to take the pill and eat the rose! Naturally he doesnt. When she left we threw the rose outside the store, and threw the pill in the puddle in front of the garden to see if any of the birds bathing are affected by it. Of course she has more stories; she tells us about how she married the Pomo Indian chief. Whether this was the boyfriend who smokes too much weed or not, I didnt wanna know. After all that she finally leaves, but not without taking our cardboard boxes with her....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Last Workshop?

The one major downside to starting this new job is that I wont be able to go to the life drawing workshops anymore... Ehh, working with Syd Mead's partner outweighs that, I think..Next monday will be the last one for a while.. Here was today's workshop drawings..
2's n 5's:
10 mins, I actually really like how these came out:

20 mins:
I dont know why this took me 20 mins to do but it did:

to finish it off.. i was getting tired and hungry, and it shows..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

They Got Me Twisted these streets of Frisco

crazy ass Tenderloin bums, I just wanted to see the Kim Cogan show...

anyway, here's some new studies from the massive black workshop from today

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dont Forget Your Laptop Battery at Home!

Umm yeah thats why these are on paper.. When I realized I had an uncharged battery I had to run to the nearest Barnes and Noble down the block.. I bought one of those cheap 3 dollar journals, they look like moleskins kinda but the paper is horrible for drawing; it has no tooth and of course it has the lines going through it.. I even bummed a ballpoint pen off the girl who worked the register! So I ran back in time for the session's start and did these 1-minute-ish drawings:

A few folks took pity on my situation and threw me some paper.. almost literally.. I did these 5 minute drawings:

One thing I notice about drawing in these sessions nowadays, that you guys still in school may still be dealing with, is that there's not much of that self-consciousness and constant comparing myself with other artists, and worrying about if the end result is going to impress as much people as possible.. In other words, theres not that imaginary contest hanging over your head, because you know the only one that cares about the end result is you. It frees you to concentrate more on new techniques and approaches..

This was a big hit with the other people looking at it.. One woman was practically drooling over this one, she couldn't believe someone could draw this kind of drawing with a ballpoint pen.. It goes to show the preconceptions that a lot of people have about making art and what kind of materials "you're supposed to use..."

This one wasnt QUITE as big a hit as the last drawing but it had its admirers:

Finishing off the session with some 5's:

so uh next time I'll be sure to have my laptop in working condition......

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Books to Inspire

I got two new books last week, both in the similar vein.. One is Syd Mead's Sentury, and the other is The Art of Shaping the Future by Luigi Colani. If you dont know, Syd Mead is the legendary vehicle designer and concept artist for the last 50 years or so, he's done concepts for just about every american auto maker, and a ton of movies video games and tv shows, among the most famously noted are Blade Runner and Tron. Luigi Colani is one of the most famous all-around designers of Europe for about the same span of time as Syd Mead. Both focus on new forms for what things will look like in the future. Syd's designs tend to be very sharp and angular, whereas Colani's designs are much more round and circular, in fact some credit him as the father of ergonomic design.. If you're planning on getting into design, these two books are highly recommended, especially at the crack-head prices I found them at.

as you can see the Luigi Colani book is THICK. In fact it's 500 pages, in total full color, and i got it for 25 dollars(!) I got the Syd Mead book for the same price.. It was in fact an import. I can't read Japanese but I didnt buy it to read it.

If you're not familiar with their work, then just Google the names..

Here is today's new piece of art, the topic of the week was "Fallen Valkyrie":

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Learning to Color

So lately Ive been doing more studies of environments.. Its become painfully obvious to me that I need to focus more on them.. Ive been studying other artists that focus on environments, trying to soak them in, analyzing their color, design, trying to pick up on their shortcuts and such... I think once I get that down my work will stand out so much more, its been lacking a lot, and I never really knew what it was.. Im starting to learn now..

I think this is the first environment Ive ever done from life on my tablet, I went to my local Borders and sketched the coffee shop, took about a hour and a half... There arent many interesting buildings in santa rosa to draw, unfortunately..

these look a bit different than my usual life drawings, I know... Ive been playing with new color schemes.. I made swatches out of paintings that I like the color from, and used them to paint these.. Its an interesting exercise that forces me to think more about the whole picture.. I also am trying to get more interesting textures in my work with photoshop, so you'll see some of that in these too.. by the way these are all photoshop this time:

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quotes from an old roomate..

Man, I was cleaning my room today, and I found a couple of old sheets of paper that I had saved for about 5 years.. I had a roomate (I dont even remember his name anymore, I think it was mike or something but Im not sure), a film major, in college who was super-pessimistic and hated art school, but he was hilarious.. About every day he had some quote-worthy comments about class, TV, commercials, etc. After a while I started writing down the ones I could remember... Going back to read them, I'm surprised I remember the context of most of these, I still laugh at most of these, hopefully some of you do too... (there was another roomate we shared the dorm with, he was a white preppy kid from colorado who was into gangsta rap, some of these have to do with him)

- Telemarketer: "Vote on...."
- Roomate: "Sorry, I dont believe in voting, I don't believe in America"

- TV news article: "people can die"
- "Ooh, people can die?"

"I dont care about expanding my knowledge, I wanna expand my wallet"

-Broncos getting killed 34-10, coach is talking about his strategy
"See thats how I see the semester: I'm down by so many points, time is running out and I dont wanna get injured"

-Other roomate talking about how LOTR woulda been better if everyone got killed and Gandalf becomes ruler of the world: "This isnt the gangsta rap version"

-"Im a homeless kid who helps lawyers find a home" -tv commercial about a lawyer who helps homeless kid

-"yeah well, I had a good run.." -dying on the plane ride home

-tv interview - "kids know what peace is" - "Yeah right you see em fighting eachother"

-eating glue - "Acid-free, why not?"

-about some BS student film with footage of the city - soundtrack to explain it: "This is about the unification of koreeeaaa, dont be confused with the shortness of the filmmmmm"

-seinfeld vs friends - Jason Alexander: "He's a short fat bald guy, how much funnier can you get?"

-"there's a ________________ you can set your watch to"
-"You can __________________, but you can never defeat the Cobras" Those will be my dying words

-porn lumberjack - "anybody order some wood?"

- Girl with dental headpiece stuck in closet in Amityville Horror - "Why doesnt she take that thing out and pick the lock with it?"

-TV: "you dont win any super bowls by quitting"
- Thats why I havent won any super bowls... "Im done!"

- Not being able to use the Mac Lab because of his GPA: "How am I supposed to get my work done?" lab tech: "well, talk to Jesus about it"

"One time when I was a little kid I found a dead bird and I put it in a bag. I gave it to my mom for her birthday."

"I dont remember high school, I wasn't there enough"

"I wish I had bigger hands, so I could grab and squeeze someone's face"

-being a taxi driver - "I'll take you to wherever you wanna go, especially Hell"

"I never believe in Santa, why would I? Some slack-jawed yokel.."

"It's getting cold in herrre, so fuckin blow your nose......"

"The CIA put a chip in my brain, is that a good excuse?"

-"But I've been coming to class for 15 weeks"
"uh I only have you down for today.." "..what?"

"How come I sweat when I eat?"

In the Mac Lab - "Uh Lab Tech, my computer's not working"
lab tech - "Ah kid dont you know anything? Hold apple control alt drag z etc"
-"what about right click?"
lab tech - "What the fuck's a right click?"

"Wait he's got a mullet, he's cool"

"when it's a test I got a 50/50 shot, when it's a project I got no shot"

- Batboys getting hit - "Thats why they have to be cyborg - Here-is-your-bat"

-"That's the first thing I'm teaching my niece when I go home, how to give the finger.. 'This is all you need to know for life..'"

"I wish I had no teeth"

- (He hates paul schaeffer from Letterman) - telling a story about a guy that tripped and fell in front of him and trashed his cell phone, and how he laughed his ass off: "It woulda been funnier if it was Paul Schaeffer and he got attacked by squirrels.."

-other roomate: "you sure hate gandhi dont you?"
-him: "What dont I hate?"

-"I need to get a hunting license, so I could kill animals. I'l mail you one!"

-Denzel started acting in college because he was bad at everything else: "Just like me!"
other roomate:"you can be the next denzel"
-"first I'll paint myself black"

"I'll just wait for the magical project fairy to come fix it while I sleep"

"Free at last, free at last, now I can throw away all this shit, I didnt pass..."

(about his scratched up desk) - "yeah right, they'll probably charge me a million dollars, 'It's made of 100% recycled homeless people'"

-"when I was little I always wanted a chia pet"
-"why dont you ask for one this year?"
-"cuz they're stupid"

-Missing his 5:30 AM shuttle, not sure if they were coming back: "great, now I'm stuck here forever.. I hope you got an extra box for me to live in"

"Its gang related, call in Tupac"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I got hit on by an old lady today

But that's enough about work, here's today's new life drawings.. I'm trying to get some more natural feeling to my shading tools in sketchbook pro.. some of the quickies were starting to get where my quickies were in my traditional sketchbook done in prismacolors with similar shading techniques, but i still cant find anything that works as smooth as the real thing..

there's only a few parts of this I like..

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