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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dont Forget Your Laptop Battery at Home!

Umm yeah thats why these are on paper.. When I realized I had an uncharged battery I had to run to the nearest Barnes and Noble down the block.. I bought one of those cheap 3 dollar journals, they look like moleskins kinda but the paper is horrible for drawing; it has no tooth and of course it has the lines going through it.. I even bummed a ballpoint pen off the girl who worked the register! So I ran back in time for the session's start and did these 1-minute-ish drawings:

A few folks took pity on my situation and threw me some paper.. almost literally.. I did these 5 minute drawings:

One thing I notice about drawing in these sessions nowadays, that you guys still in school may still be dealing with, is that there's not much of that self-consciousness and constant comparing myself with other artists, and worrying about if the end result is going to impress as much people as possible.. In other words, theres not that imaginary contest hanging over your head, because you know the only one that cares about the end result is you. It frees you to concentrate more on new techniques and approaches..

This was a big hit with the other people looking at it.. One woman was practically drooling over this one, she couldn't believe someone could draw this kind of drawing with a ballpoint pen.. It goes to show the preconceptions that a lot of people have about making art and what kind of materials "you're supposed to use..."

This one wasnt QUITE as big a hit as the last drawing but it had its admirers:

Finishing off the session with some 5's:

so uh next time I'll be sure to have my laptop in working condition......


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