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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3 Months Is Too Long

Yeah its been 3 months since I went to a figure drawing workshop. It isn't usually that long between workshops for me, so I was glad I was able to go this last saturday to the workshop at the atelier.. Here ya go:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yellowstone Trip

Day 1: We drove from Santa Rosa all the way to Wyoming.. Here's a shot of Nevada, real exciting drive around there...

some doodles i did on the way to Salt Lake City, where we stayed the night.

Day 2:
This is a shot I got of the new capital building. Very DC-esque..

Salt Lake City is a wierd place, the ghetto is interspersed with the nice parts.. there will be the homeless shelter next to the downtown mall, and then you'll see the Hilton across from a guns and ammo store.. but its a nice city, nicer than I was expecting it to be.
I sketched one of the girls sleeping, on the way to Yellowstone.

we stopped in Pocatello Iowa, because someone wanted to go to the Applebee's. We couldn't find it, and when we asked people for directions they reluctantly gave them to us, but simultaneously giving us a wierd look like "why the hell do you wanna go there?" When we finally got there, I could see why. The service was slow, the food took forever to come out, and the waitress was a moron. I asked for a Sierra Mist, and she wanted to see my ID. I was like "uh it's a sprite". She thought it was an alcoholic drink.

We didnt make it to Yellowstone that day because you have to check in before 10 AM. So we tried to find a place outside of the park to camp. So what did we do? we drove 9 miles on a dirt road into the woods around a hill into a place called Harriman State Park. It was the absolute middle of nowhere. The dust was so fine it got into our car. Who knew a Dodge Stratus could go off-roading?

That is where i slept the first night. literally.

Day 3:
So we made it into Yellowstone the next day. Set up camp and planned the week's activities. While everyone else was doing stuff I painted this

We went to drive around part of the park to find some wildlife to take pictures of. We didnt have to go too far, this buffalo was chillin on the main road.

You wouldnt believe how close people were getting to this guy. Some old asian lady right up in front of it and got head-butted.

One of the many views I snapped photos of

I drew this to pass the time while dinner was cooking:

Day 4:

Another painting to start the morning:

We toured around most of the park to check out what the park had to offer. I snapped lots of photos, we were able to see enough wildlife.
a female moose and her offspring:

There was a long long line of cars, a hold up of about an hour, just to see this bear. This was the closest we could get to it and be safe. but of course, everyone else got out of their cars and tried to get closer. dummies.

We also were able to get cool shots of bison fighting eachother.

Day 5:
The next day we went fishing, which was actually a lot more fun than we expected it to be. We were actually able to catch 4 fish in an hour and a half, which isnt too bad. We had to throw em back since they were the "endangered" species. The guide was nice enough to give us a few of the legal fish from his freezer so we were able to have that for dinner.
One of the fish we caught:

The art I did:

Day 6:
My best painting of the trip I believe. The longest I spent on it also:

The bison were out in full effect this day:

some other pictures from the day:

we went horseback riding but there was no photography allowed, so I got no record of it, but it was fun.

Day 7:
We left the park on this day, it was a decent day, the clouds were insane, I got a lot of cloud pics, the ref should last me a while.

We stopped in Montana to try "montana's best pizza" as recommended to us by our fisherman friend. I didnt take a picture of it, but the food was good, and the bathroom was crazy. There was red and blue paint ranodomly splattered everywhere. It was enough to give someone a headache.
We passed through Iowa again, somewhere in those trees is where we slept that second night.

The skyline of Salt Lake City. We upgraded the hotel a bit, since we deserved it after sleeping in tents during the rain for 4 days.

Day 8: The last stretch of the trip, we made it home this day. Went through the salt flats, which were really flat. Here's a panorama of Salt Lake:

some doodles I did on the trip:

A sketch that I plan on working up:

I would put a group shot here, but this is more interesting:
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