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-May: "California Light" - Landscapes. Christopher Queen Gallery, Duncans Mills, CA.
May 21-June 29: Paso Robles Art Festival
•June 18-21: Paint San Clemente, Southern California.
-June 29-July 5th: Telluride Plein Air.
-September 2014: Sergio Lopez/Mia Bergeron - Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC.
-October 2014: "The Traveling Painters," 3-Person Show - Christopher Queen Gallery, Duncans Mills, CA.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dr. Sketchy's #1

Tonight was the first time I'd ever gone to a workshop held by the Dr. Sketchy crew... Very nice vibe there, the model was into what she was doing, and the people were respectful enough.. the venue had more of a lounge atmosphere than a classroom, which is a nice welcome especially after work. Here's my sketches

These days Im much more interested in the form than just line, though I try to make those as pretty as possible

there's a few here I like:

trying a shading technique in sketchbook pro that is close to my traditional shading technique:

top left was a mixture of observation and imagination, she never really held that pose:

This was my favorite drawing of the evening, not cuz its perfect, (the head is too big, facial features a bit misaligned) but because of the relative ease that the face came to me, it was close to just how i wanted to portray her face...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Future By Design

I've never heard before of Jacques Fresco, but I thought this was pretty cool, very much in the same vein of what I've been doing at work.. I mean, he's no Syd Mead, but still really cool...
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