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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 New Plein Air Paintings

Allied Arts Building, Menlo Park, CA.

Oakland Mountain View Cemetary

Monday, October 26, 2009

Super Fantastic Titanic Art Week Part 5: The Conclusion!

Ok since I've been falling behind with this, I'm just gonna finish this with one last hurrah....


This was the day we all went out to downtown Sacramento to paint for the "Quick Draw Competition". A few of us chose to go to Chavez Park and set up. I painted this clock tower, took me about 2 hours. We then came back and put our framed paintings up for judging.

The evening was the reception of the week's fruits of labor. It was well-attended, and had a lot of good paintings to show. I got to see a lot of new names with considerable talent. Here are what my paintings look like framed:

I'm also posting up a few of the other painter's work which I like.


Saturday was a day full of drawing and teaching by example. This time Jason was drawing from my pad instead of the model. His observation was that he was surprised with how little I draw, especially in the quick studies. He said I know how little I need to put in to suggest a lot. He also learned how little you need to make a face look like a face. These were 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, and 7's.


To finish the week I did these 3 quick gouache paintings from life. They were 25 mins. each. Also, it gave Jason the opportunity to apply everything he learned in the week. It was cool to see certain things start to sink in, most noticeably the drawing part of it. In the last one I applied a different technique. I used a large flat synthetic brush and painted through the planes with broad strokes. As the painting went on I used shorter and smaller strokes...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fantastic Titanic Art Week: Part 4!


Last Thursday I painted my very first outdoor nude. This took place at a ranch in a wee little Gold Rush town called Fiddletown. The ranch itself is very interesting. The barns are all full of graffiti and the resident artists are all very creative talented folks. The model herself is an artist as well. She lives on the ranch and gets to use the place as her studio in exchange for being a farmer... Anyways, she gave me a tour of the ranch, which is full of very enchanting little nooks and crannies. At the top of the hill there is a grove of gorgeous manzanita trees. It's a very enchanting feeling to get lost in the forest there. She took me to the "grandfather tree" which was much thicker and larger than the rest of them; there I shot her for a while.

Afterwards she took me to a secluded river (the location of which I have been sworn into secrecy) where we shot for a few hours. The location is incredible. The rocks which surround the river look like a shelf of books had been knocked over. It was quite a hike to find the most picturesque areas, but it was well worth it. There was an area which, on the account of all the heavy rains, was too deep and frigid to make it over there. I had seen pictures of the place she had told me about and the location looked amazing. The only way to get there was to wade through the stream over to the collection of rocks. But she was so enthusiastic I was almost convinced to follow her over there. So much that I took off my shoes socks and pants(still can't find those socks!). God, she was a trooper to wade waist-deep in that kind of water.

The series of paintings I am showing WIP's of here are from photos I took there:

After we got back to the ranch, I executed the painting of her from life which I unfortunately don't have here (I forgot it at Jason's place, doh!) but I will post up in the future. I can't thank her enough for the opportunity and inspiration she gave me, and I will be going back in the very near future to work with her again....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fantastic Titanic Art Week: Part 3!

Last Tuesday was one of the biggest October storms in recent Sacramento history. Needless to say, I wasn't about to go outside and paint in that type of rain. Instead I stayed inside and gave my friend some painting lessons. It ended up being a marathon of a day which left us both absolutely exhausted but it was a very rewarding experience...

I painted this still life for him in about 2 hours. His observations of it were that he didn't know where I was going with it at first, and that it didn't really come together until it was about 75% of the way through...

This painting was from a photo of a model he shot at his studio a few weeks ago. She's an insanely built fitness model who is very beautiful, in my opinion. Anyways, I picked this photo because I thought it was fairly basic and a very interesting pose. The proportions were a challenge because I've never painted such a muscular female before.

The idea we came up with was that he would follow everything I would do. He actually would paint from my painting instead of the reference photo. I would tell him every color mixture, and where I would put it. At first it was fairly easy for me to follow. I started with the drawing, then the block-in of the background, the light and shadow side. As soon as it got to the basic modeling part is where it got hard.... Having to explain every mixture, like, "Ok, I'm going to mix white, yellow ochre, and a bit of alizarin crimson, it's a little cool, so I will mix a little ultramarine blue into it" for every stroke, it gets exhausting! And also, I learned alot about my own process and what makes my paintings successful. For example I learned how much the way I handle my brush contributes to how I model form. If I just use flat strokes as opposed to twisting the brush with my fingers, it's not nearly as dynamic...

I learned about how much you can teach a person at a time. It was really a test of patience as I waited for him to catch up. By the end, I was barely making sense, and he had trouble following me. My brain was fried.... Normally this painting would take me 2 1/2 hrs. to finish. This one took me 5 hours!

For the record I'm posting the painting he did.

He was really stoked to see how I paint, and to have me break it down... It's something I would have fun doing again, but it's sooo tiring. Maybe I'm not used to it is all. It's inspiring though, and I will definitely do some more tutorials soon. I hope in the near future I can set aside some time to do some more video tutorials to upload to youtube.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fantastic Titanic Art Week: Part 2!

This was the first painting I did for the week of the Capitol Plein Air Festival. There was supposed to be a competition for the best painting at the East Lawn Memorial Park in Sacramento. I didn't know it was a cemetary! I had no desire to paint there... but it was in the middle of a very ritzy area of the city, and it had some gorgeous homes around there... So I decided to paint this building instead. Before I was even done, there were 2 people who were interested in it!

Later on in the evening I went to the Sacramento River area and painted that iconic yellow drawbridge (what's the name of it anyhow??) It was interesting, I purposely painted the sky darker than I saw it, knowing that by the time I finished the painting the sky would be the right value.... As Bill Sanchez would say, that's your $10 tip kids!

Part 3 = tomorrow

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fantastic Titanic Art Week: Part 1!

A few Fridays ago a did a live painting event for Zipper Promotions at the Space Gallery in San Francisco. I attached some photos of the event on here, and the finished painting.


Also, the next day I was hired to do portraits at a friend of a friend's birthday party. It was pretty cool, but it's impossible to get people to sit still, so you have to try your best... Everyone's drinking, so maybe it's best to have a few yourself so you don't care as much, haha. But I had a good time and I would totally do it again... hint hint, :)

Tomorrow I will do part 2...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Trip to Feather River!

A few weeks ago I went up to the Heart K Ranch in Genesee California for the Art on the Land paintout. It's in the middle of the Plumas National Forest. For those of you who don't know where this is (I imagine it to be most of you) it would be in between Tahoe National Forest and Lassen National Park. It's quite a beautiful area, with very quaint little towns.

The town of Greenville which I stayed at had a little sherriff's office in the middle of town. At the end of the alleyway it sits on is a little shack that says "Jail". LOL!

On the day of the paintout there were about 12 artists participating. I did 3 quick paintings of the scenery around me.

A couple of photos of the scenery painted, if anyone is curious:

They were auctioned off at a fairly good price, and half of the proceeds went to helping them keep the ranch there. I hope they succeed, I'd love to go back and paint there again...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Belle of The Ball: Chasing The Moon News and Pics

I am happy to announce that the show was a great success for me! 4 out of 6 of the pieces I had at the gallery sold today! In fact, one of the pieces sold and was taken before the show officially started! It's a huge boost of confidence, and I feel like this is a big step forward for my fine art career...

I took pictures of my pieces in the frames, what a difference they make!

I totally forgot to shoot a photo of the one with the pink clouds... oops!

I have to give props to Nancy at the Christopher Queen gallery for putting together a great show, and just for having a great space to exhibit art. Here are pictures of the show, and the space.

Also, some pictures of a few of my favorite pieces from the show.

Paul Kratter:

Rodolfo Rivademar:
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