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•Spoke Art: April 7, 2016. "The 5th Annual Moleskine Show." San Francisco, CA.

•Bakersfield Museum of Art: April 9th, 2016. "Kern County Plein Air." Bakersfield, CA.

•Christopher Queen Gallery: May 1st, 2016. "The Golden Hour." Duncans Mills, CA.

•Abend Gallery: May 13th, 2016. "Contemporary Figuration." Denver, CO.

•Paso Arts Fest: May 26th, 2016. "Signature Exhibition." Paso Robles, CA.

•Los Gatos: June 18th, 2016. "Los Gatos Plein Air." Los Gatos, CA.

Sonoma Plein Air: September 10th, 2016 "Sonoma Plein Air." Sonoma, CA.

•Modern Eden Gallery: September 17th, 2016. Beautiful Bizzare Invitational Show. San Francisco, CA.

•Christopher Queen Gallery: October 2nd, 2016. "A Splendid Journey: 40th Anniversary Show." Duncans Mills, CA.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Art Undressed!

After seeing Marc Taro's sketches from the show, I thought I'd post mine up too. His basically kick mine's ass, but hey, might as well post 'em. There was no real modeling session for artists, so these were all guerrilla-style artwork...

I drew these pictures of my friend as she was being painted. She's a very pretty model as well as a very good photographer.

I made friends with one of the models who held this pose for about 2 minutes at a time. All in all it took about 6 minutes to do. Props to him for holding the pose at all, I asked him how long he can hold it. I asked him how long he can hold it. He said "how long do you need me to?" I ask him if he can hold it for 5 minutes. He was like, "Oh yeah, easily." I warned him!

My meager moleskine scribbles.

If you'd like to check out the pictures I took at the event, check out my Facebook photo albums.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At the Petaluma Marina

The weather conditions for the day were really tricky to work with. The uncertainty in the beginning of the day, and then the sudden complete change of conditions made it a tough day to work... It forced me to be a bit more experimental. I'll let you decide if it was succesful or not.

I did this study in about an hour. It was hard getting the blue paint to cooperate for some reason.... The reason? It was a tube of oil paint that got mixed into my bag by accident! I pushed the fog effect way more than what was there in reality, mainly so I'd hafta paint less (just being honest here) but also to make it more interesting.

In the middle of this piece is when the sky started clearing up. The clouds and the light was totally different from when I started. The clouds did not hold still long enough to paint them very faithfully, so I had to fake them...I did a lot of lifting off with a wet Viva paper towel. Gouache tends to be easier to lift off than transparent watercolor.

This was a half-hour quick study done just for the value and drawing's sake. Didn't want to get into the color. It was mostly monotone greens and grays, I can probably throw a wash of green in photoshop over it and it will look pretty faithful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cradle of Light

18x24, Oil on Canvas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The River Series: The Finished Paintings

A lot of you have been interested in seeing the pieces I started in the "Fantastic Titanic Art Week Part 4" post a few weeks ago. Well here they are!

"Admiring The Stream", Oil on Panel, 20"x30"

"Into The Enchanted Forest", Oil on Panel, 16"x20"

"The Cool River", Oil on Panel, 16"x30"

As a bonus to all those who would be interested, I took process shots of every stage for all 3 paintings.



Step 1: Watercolor Drawing - I like to start with a watercolor wash because it's easier to erase, not quite as staining, and you can paint over it immediately after it dries. You can sketch it out very fast, then when you add the first layer of oil over this, there's already an extra layer.

Step 2: Oil Wash - Reinforcing the drawing, covering the entire canvas, and establishing the overall light and dark value pattern. Pretty much just burnt umber at this point.

Step 3: Background - I paint in the light side of the background, and just the overall local color. I also place the overall sky color in.

Step 4: Bottom Layer - I paint on another layer for the darks, and block in the local color for the middle ground.

Step 5: Sky Clouds - I basically finish the sky and the clouds in one sitting. I like to work back to foreground; if you paint over a plane closer to you with a stroke that's meant for a background element, that will always tend to come toward you. That's why when you paint skyholes into tree shapes they always tend to stand forward unless you soften them somehow.

Step 6: Second Layer of the Background - This is where I start to lay down what will become the basis of the finished painting. I am starting to model the form and try to get the colors/values/edges right.

Step 7: Middle Ground - More of what I started with the last step, this time I take it to the overall painting.

Step 8: Lights/foreground - I now paint in the entire foreground, and also bring the light areas to an overall finish.

Step 9: Figure - I now model the figure and take it to about an 80% finish.

Step 10: Finish - I fix anything that needs fixing, and also add any extra glazes and overall color adjustments.

Keep on the lookout for more pieces in this series, they will be coming soon!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Dance Paintings

Tonight I just dropped off a few paintings for the group show at Sugar Cafe in SF. They're all 11x14 acrylics on canvas panels... Everything looks better framed! If you're in the area check em out, they will be on display for the rest of the month...
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