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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Bourgeon De Rose" + Inprnt +

I am capping off this series with this piece, "Bourgeon De Rose". I'm bringing it full-circle to a more traditional take on these pieces. The amount of blending the pattern with the figure is much more subtle. The only problem in this picture is that the jpeg makes the transitions in tone much less subtle than they are in real-life.

"Bourgeon De Rose." 24"x28", Oil on Canvas, 2010.

This one took me probably 2 months off and on. The painting technique was more traditional than a lot of the other ones I have done. I started with a burnt umber underpainting and worked up color layers from a fully rendered monochromatic piece. I was influenced by the posts on Matthew Innis' blog about the academic ebauche. I can't find a whole lot more about the technique other than his research so if anyone can direct me to any more info that would be awesome.

If anyone is wondering how the "Painted Roses" prints from look, you're not alone. I also had to see how they looked, so I ordered a couple of prints for myself.

This one is the 12"x18" print of Ivory Fashion.  You can see the border around it.
The fidelity of the detail is amazing!  The paper is smooth, so the reproduction isn't exact in terms of texture, but it's still great.

Gotta give the folks at props!  I'm happy with the way they look.  If you're an artist that has the opportunity to sell your work with them, take 'em up on it!

Some very cool news:  I was the featured artist on for December 26th, 2010!  I was super happy to see that I made it on to the website.  I've been a visitor to the site for a while now.  The response to my work has been overwhelmingly positive!  If you are visiting this site because you followed the link there to my site, well... welcome!  So glad to have you here!

If you'd like to see the feedback, click on this link:

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dark Charcoals, Nicole, and The Tall Girl (Figure Drawings)

I forgot to take a photo of this one from the last session I did. It was pretty dumb of me, since it was my favorite drawing.. It's ok, I'll just pretend I got that much better in 2 weeks...

These next drawings are of my friend Nicole, who continues to be my favorite model to draw. The poses she is able to get herself into are some of my favorites.

I am using a fat black Lyra pencil. I'm liking it a lot. It's got a bit of a feel of the waxy Conte pencils, except without the smudge... Only thing it can improve on is I wish they could go darker. I don't know if there is a softer version of the colored pencils. I'll keep a lookout for them.

Compare and contrast the poses between this model and Nicole.......hmmm how can I get her to do those kinds of poses?  Enroll her in ballet? I don't know...

Hands are still my weakness, although I've gotten way better at them since I first started saying that...

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Military Wet Panel Carrier

I'm pretty cheap, and like to do-it-myself when it's feasible, so I put together this cool little damn-near-bulletproof wet panel carrier.  I got the idea from a thread on Wetcanvas.  I converted an ammo box that I got from a salvage yard here in Santa Rosa (but I'm sure most military surplus stores will carry them) into a 6x8 panel carrier.  I got this steel-framed guy for 14 bucks, so it's even cheaper than one of those 20-dollar cardboard carrier.  I would have gotten a bigger one but they get HEAVY, very impractical for carrying into the field very far.  I spray-painted it copper for extra coolness factor.

I got a couple of 1/4" poplar rods and cut them to six 6in. pieces, and also took a 3/4"x3.5" board and cut it to 6" pieces.

I used Elmer's wood glue to adhere the poplar sticks to the wood.  It's secure enough to just hammer the glued pieces of wood in place.

My box will hold 5 panels in place.  You can throw this thing across a field and it will be fine!  They're meant to take a beating in war, after all...


I'd like to share the painting I made on Sunday at our North Bay Plein Air group.  This was done at the SF Music Concourse in the middle of Golden Gate Park.  Pretty cool building!  It was a very gray day with bits of light poking through at the very end.  I kept it pretty limited in the palette rather than try to force color into it, which is the temptation when you are plein air painting.  I chose to try and enforce the black and white pattern and only used brighter color in the foliage.  I feel like it's a bit heavily balanced to the left side, what do you think?

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Charcoals and Such (Figure Drawing)

I haven't put up any new figure drawings in a while... Been busy with all of the shows and events that I've been kinda off with the figure drawing sessions... This is a few month's worth of the better stuff... Kinda feel like I want to add more "flair" (or something?) to make them more exciting to look at? I've been a bit more mindful of that. These are in chronological order so you can see my new train of thought evolving as they go down...  I believe it's most characterized by looseness, playing with edges, erasing edges, redrawing, and erasing again.

I like drawing this model's face.  She's pretty but her poses are very boring...

From tonight's session at the Sebastopol Center For The Arts Wednesday night figure drawing session.


5 min:

10 min:

20 min:

7 min or something?

6 min:

If you're near the Crockett area, go check the Epperson Gallery's current show.  I have some work up there right now.  From the website:

Our current event  "The Best of Valona 2010" 
features 27 painters from our recent paint out.  
Show dates: 12/4/10 - 01/02/11, reception 
for the artists Dec 4th, 2:00 - 5:00.   


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