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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

6 x 6 x 6 : Randy Higbee Gallery Show in Costa Mesa, CA. December

Hey everyone,
Thought I'd take a minute to post up what I've gotten juried into the  6x6 Exhibition at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa.  This is an especially big deal to me because it will be the first time I ever show anything in Southern California, and to be shown amongst so many good artists is a really awesome thing for me.  I'm sure this can only lead to bigger and better things for me in the near future.

Here are the 5 pieces that got juried in:
"Halo" 6x6, oil on canvas board.

"Eagle Creek" 6x6, oil on canvas board.

"Pope Valley Sundown" 6x6, oil on canvas board.
"Napa Palisades" 6x6, oil on canvas board.

"French California" 6x6, oil on canvas board.

And for good measure, here is the one I didn't get in:

"Beacon Rock View" 6x6, oil on canvas board.

 If you'd like to check out what else is being shown, follow this link:

There will be more posted up there as the pieces arrive.  Mine should be there by Monday.  Hopefully I can make it down there to be there in person.  If anyone else would like to check it out, here's the address to the gallery:

Randy Higbee Gallery
102 Kalmus
Costa Mesa, CA

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that Belgian linen rules...  I used a few squares from my new rolls for these pictures, and it feels great!  Sooo much nicer than regular cotton duck canvas.  I'm probably not breaking any new ground for the experienced artists, but all of you painters who use cheaper stuff (yea students I'm talking to you!) I'll just tell you, it is worth it if you can scrape up the fundage...  Even though I've bought probably the cheapest kind(a couple of rolls of it at Dick Blick), it's a lot better than anything other canvas I've used.

I'll come back next week to post up about new gallery going-on's....  2011's gonna be a good year...


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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Reve D'Ore" + Fragments Show

Hey everyone,

I'm preparing for a group show at the Space Gallery in San Francisco on the 20th. The show is called Fragments, and it's being hosted by my friend Aaron Lawrence, who does great graphic design work. Along with showing "Downward Shift" (shown on the flier) I am showing this new piece from the Painted Roses series.

"Reve D'Ore", Gouache on Etching Paper, 26"x26".

Doing more and more of these pieces I learn new ways to use gouache. You will notice in the detail views all of the sprays and splatters.

I was using a mouth atomizer. It's a pretty useful tool that's pretty easy to use, and has a bit of imperfection to it that is eye-pleasing.

Here is the flier for the upcoming show. It's been a really long time since I've had the opportunity to show in San Francisco. Here's your chance to see these in person, all my city-bound friends with no cars! :D

There are a lot of artists showing along with me, so the Space Gallery is gonna be packed full of art. Should be an awesome time!

Link to the event on Facebook!
(Click on the "Facebook" icon to continue on to the event)

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Painted Roses: The Series Continues

Hey all,

I am continuing this series of paintings (something I don't do enough of) for a new show starting this Saturday. I am continuing the theme of the titles named after roses.

"Sunbird", 10"x10", Oil on Canvas.

"Blue Roses", 6"x11", Oil on Canvas.

"Amber Queen", 4"x10", Oil on Canvas Board.

As a challenge to myself and to switch it up a bit, I also decided to try painting part of the series in gouache.  It was fun, but I doubt I will want to work in gouache at this size again.  I feel much more comfortable painting in gouache at a smaller scale.  When you get large like this, the paint is harder to work with.  For gouache to be truly opaque, you have to use it at full strength.  No dilution.  It's hard to cover much ground with it because it will scumble and drybrush across the surface with no water or medium.  You are actually slowed down considerably by having to compromise between coverage and surface area.  Believe it or not, painting in oils for me is a lot quicker than painting in gouache.  That being said, I still enjoy painting in gouache a lot.  There's a lot of control and crispness, and I like the unpredictability of the edges after you manipulate the paint on the surface.  It's very forgiving.

"Cressida", 13"x40", Gouache on Etching Paper.

"Della Reese", 13"x40", Gouache on Etching Paper.

"Belle Isis", 19"x40", Gouache on Etching Paper.

"Ivory Fashion", 26"x40", Gouache on Watercolor Paper.

The first place I am showing this series will be at Yo El Rey Roasters in Calistoga, California.  My friend J Kirk has supported me for a while now, and he's doing well not only with his coffee but with selling work of local artists including myself.  I'm happy to be filling his walls with my work for a month.  Come on up if you can...

Yo el Rey Roasting /Art House
1217 Washington
Calistoga, CA

Facebook Page:

I have a few things coming up very soon in the works, I'll send out more info in the next coming weeks about it...

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Something to hold you over... (Figure Drawing)

Here's a figure drawing update.  Been a little while since I've done one of these.  I enjoyed this session at the Sebastopol Center For The Arts.  Very rarely do I find every drawing worth showing but this is one of those cases... I've never drawn this model.  Not only is she pretty, but in a unique and interesting way, but she put a bit of effort into the poses she was doing.  She put a little extra "oomph" into the poses which I tried to grab a bit of...Here we go.

3 Mins:

5 Mins:

10 Mins:

20 Mins:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, I will have lots of cool new things to say and show...

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