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-May: "California Light" - Landscapes. Christopher Queen Gallery, Duncans Mills, CA.
May 21-June 29: Paso Robles Art Festival
•June 18-21: Paint San Clemente, Southern California.
-June 29-July 5th: Telluride Plein Air.
-September 2014: Sergio Lopez/Mia Bergeron - Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC.
-October 2014: "The Traveling Painters," 3-Person Show - Christopher Queen Gallery, Duncans Mills, CA.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lots of Oils!

Hey so this month I'm showing not one but TWO new pieces at Kaleidoscope... Count em, 2!! Continuing on the Hip Hop portrait series... Being a bit more experimental with some things... I've stepped up the oil painting output even more, with gearing up for plein air paintouts and such... A bit of a cornucopia of different genres sooooooooo...... enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's day update

No Green Beer! Just Green Chalk!

As usual, just another figure drawing session from the Wednesday night Sebastopol thing...

So I facebooked from my phone during the workshop that my next drawing was gonna be in green... 3 of my prettier friends "liked" my status, so ummm cute girls like the color green, apparently... that's my observation.

I also finished the first painting done of the Arizona trip, "Canyon Lake, Arizona."
I put in the International Artist Magazine competition... Hope I win!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Private King + New Figure Drawings...

This was the newest piece I finished for the monthly "Kaleidoscope" art show here in Santa Rosa... "Private King", a little inside-joke of a title but I think it's intriguing enough, has a good ring to it... I added some close up shots...


Another one of the Wednesday Night Figure Drawing sessions... I havent drawn this model in over a year... I like drawing her, she does some pretty good poses, and she's very personable, fun to have around.. Starting to get a little bit of the ol' "jaded art model" syndrome (you know what I mean), but I'll enjoy her modeling while it lasts...

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