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•Spoke Art: April 7, 2016. "The 5th Annual Moleskine Show." San Francisco, CA.

•Bakersfield Museum of Art: April 9th, 2016. "Kern County Plein Air." Bakersfield, CA.

•Christopher Queen Gallery: May 1st, 2016. "The Golden Hour." Duncans Mills, CA.

•Abend Gallery: May 13th, 2016. "Contemporary Figuration." Denver, CO.

•Paso Arts Fest: May 26th, 2016. "Signature Exhibition." Paso Robles, CA.

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•Christopher Queen Gallery: October 2nd, 2016. "A Splendid Journey: 40th Anniversary Show." Duncans Mills, CA.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 New Landscape Exhibitions: Colors of the Carquinez + Christopher Queen Gallery

Hey all,

2 new opportunities to check out my new landscape painting work coming up in March. First one is called "Colors of the Carquinez" and it's going to be in Crockett, CA. Here is the info

Colors of the Carquinez~Art Exhibit
An Exhibit of East Bay Artists, Sculptors, Photographers and Poets
Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, 2011
Reception to be held Saturday evening 5-8pm
Exhibit Hours-11am-8pm on Saturday and Sunday 11am-4 pm
Location of exhibit: Desmond Victorian, 204 Bay St., Crockett, CA 94525

View Larger Map

Here is one of the pieces I am exhibiting. I found this view off of the 37. It was a nice day to paint. I happened to run into another artist by the name of Gil Dellinger as I was painting the study for it.

"Runs Deep," Oil on Linen Board, 9x12 in.

The next weekend is the reception for the next Christopher Queen Gallery show.

Christopher Queen Galleries invites
The Frugal Collector
to view
A Collection of Recent Contemporary
Paintings Under $2000
Champagne & Music
Sunday March 13th, 2011
1 PM - 3 PM
Show Ends April 24th

 Christopher Queen Galleries
#4 John Orr's Gardens
Duncans Mills, CA 95430

I finally got one of my pieces on the invite: Yay! This was a location along Cataract Falls in Marin County.

"Trickling Down," Oil on Canvas Board, 16x20 in.

"The Perfect Time," Oil on Linen Board, 9x12 in.

"A Stroll Down Lake Elizabeth," Oil on Canvas Board, 11x14 in.

Also, the show at the Epperson Gallery will be up for an extra weekend, so if you are able to make it, check it out while you're in Crockett...

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Charcoal Filling Your Room (Videos + Website Update)

It took me a little while to figure out my equipment, but I found a way to use my Canon EOS 40D to record into my computer. So I've made a couple of videos that talk about what I use when I draw on my 18x24 sketch pads.

This one's 27 minutes so grab your cup of coffee:

I recommend after finishing the first one that you go on to this one:

Ok so here are a few drawings with actual concentration put into them... It's really hard to talk and draw at the same time!

I'm happy announce that I've started up a Zatista account where I'll be selling my charcoal drawings from. I'm really hoping this works out because it seems like a good place to sell artwork. There are no fees to list my work on the site, and you have to be approved to show on the site, bringing a little exclusivity to the site which is not a bad thing in my opinion.

Right now I only have 20 pieces on my page but I plan on adding more in the coming weeks. If this proves lucrative I may expand into uploading other types of art on there. If you want to check it out you can either click on the "Store" link on the top of my page, or you can follow this link:

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