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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Figure Drawings: Line vs Tone

These are some new drawings from the last week and tonight.   I think you will notice a difference between what I was doing last week and tonight.

Last week's drawings:

This was my favorite, just because I love the gesture she was making.

Thanks to William Wray's blog I came across the Flickr page of Gamlet Koudaverdian who was a previously-unknown-to-me artist with some incredible life drawings. I love what he's doing. So much in fact that I printed out his drawings and took them with me to the life drawing session. I had them tacked up on my board as I was drawing.

Notice the influence?

I kind of liked putting multiple drawings on the same page without having them step on each other.  I'm probably going to keep doing this.

There's a difference between the direct drawing I do with the last week's drawing and the tonal approach I used more in last night's drawing. In every life drawing however, I do tend to use a mixture of direct and structural drawing.

 I usually use the most rudimentary structure in 5-10 minute poses. I use a slightly more measured approach in the 20 minute drawings. Having some basic structure in a quick pose helps especially if you're planning on using a lot of tone because it will help you keep control of your drawing.

 Having a good line quality makes your drawing better when you add in those necessary hard edges to define certain forms and boundaries. Having a reference of what you aspire to helps guide your drawing as you are drawing it.

In order to comfortably finance all of these paint-outs, I am urging you to check out my Zatista store and pick up an original drawing if you can. If you buy something, I'll throw in an extra drawing or two for no extra cost, as a thank you (and to give myself some room in my already-too-small studio, heh). I know I don't have international shipping listed in my store, but if you contact me, I'll work something out with you. Just let me know where you want me to ship it to, and I'll calculate the rest of it.


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