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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rough Alameda...

Hey everyone. I have been busy working on this mini-series for a show coming up very soon. It's for the Frank Bette Center For The Arts in Alameda.

The show is called

En Plein Air: Alameda and Beyond

and it will run from

August 5 - October 1

Rather than follow what the usual protocol is for a plein air painting exhibition, which is; find the prettiest areas of the location, try to paint the best painting you can in two hours, do it about 5 more times, and hope to walk away with an award and sales; I decided to do something different. I've thought about what is interesting about Alameda to me, and it is the industrial areas with all of the machinery, textures and grit of the warehouses, and the coastal atmosphere.  I focused on the broken down areas because I've found that you don't usually see these types of subjects done with a typical plein air technique. All of the intricacies of the industrial subjects allow for an addition of fine detail I don't normally indulge in. These are all 6x8 inch paintings on linen board, done either completely in plein air, photo, or a mix of the two. I did 8 paintings for this series, but the show only calls for six.

Edit: The Votes Have Been Tallied!

If you're in the East Bay and want to check out these pieces and all of the other paintings from the show, here is the info:

En Plein Air:
Alameda and Beyond
August 5 - October 1

Gala Opening and Awards
Friday, August 5
7 - 9pm

See Plein Air paintings
by artists who have participated in past
Frank Bette Plein Air Paintouts

Participating Artists:
Edwin Bertolet; Beth Bourland; Catherine Boyer; Elaine Carpenter; Inna Cherneykina; Linda Darsow Sutton; Dorallen Davis; Debbie Gualco; Susan Lea Hackett; Marilyn Hill; Sterling Hoffmann; Ramona Kennon-Frink; Loreta Landucci; Sergio Lopez; Patris Miller; Mark Monsarrat; Nancy Roberts; Iris Sabre; Stephen Sanfilippo; David Savellano; Julia Munger Seelos; Carol Sideman; Sandra Smith-Dugan; Carol Tarzier; Bart
Walker; Leslie Wilson; and Tom Zephyrs.

Frank Bette Center for the Arts | 1601 Paru Street | (corner of Lincoln Ave) | Alameda | CA | 94501

Drawings For Sale
Prints For Sale

Figure Drawing - Development of a Technique

So this new way of working came from two things. One being that I want to improve my drawing skill with a handled instrument(like a brush or a palette knife) to improve my drawing skills for painting. The other reason is that I couldn't find my box of tools for 2 weeks in a row(don't worry, I've found them since). All I could scrounge up were these three tools:

I started off last week's session as I normally do.

I started off using the sanguine chalk overhand.

Ten-minute drawing.

Normally during the 20-minute drawings is when I introduce the blending stump:

As I was drawing this one I was thinking about an idea that I call implied plane changes. I'd say it's most noticeable in the right shoulder. This is a technique where all the modelling happens near the half-tones where the planes change most notably.

Pulling the tones into the un-modeled areas make the forms turn subtly.

Done well, this will give the illusion that you modeled the untouched areas.

I think it's very effective for filling in the light planes without over-doing it and breaking them up, thereby reducing the effectiveness of your value pattern.

This week I started with using the sanguine chalk stuck in the palette-knife-contraption. This was a 10-minute drawing.

This time I introduced the blending stump into the 10-minute drawing. This time I used it to imply the plane changes in the shadow areas.

In this drawing my steps went this way:

1) I blocked in the body using long straight lines that show the placement and angles. I used the knife-chalk combo.
2) I took the chalk out of the holder and drew in the next step of the drawing which would be the core shadows, rough facial features, outlines, etc.
3) I used the stump to model in the half-tones, soften edges, flatten out over-textured areas and spread out the pigment where I want it.
4) I use the eraser to pick out highlights and fix mistakes. I like to alternate 3 and 4.
5) I draw in all of the details with the chalk again. It's a matter of finishing up the drawing from here. I'll jump back to 3 and 4 here as well.

Another 20-minute drawing using the same principles.

I used the same principles in the shadow side on this one. I pulled the pigment in with the stump from the darkest strokes and also in and out from the core shadows.

I like this technique because you can get a lot done quickly. It's pretty effective too. Makes it look like I spent a lot more time on it!

A ten-minute drawing that I rushed in the set-up. The proportions got out of wack. I think I tried to pack in too much in the time allotted and didn't take enough care in getting it right in the first place.

I added a bunch of these to my Zatista store: If there's one you really want and don't see, let me know and I'll hook it up.

In other news, I've started a Tumblr blog as well. Rather than just post my own work there, I want to do something different with it, where I link to whatever catches my eye as I am browsing the web. I have tons of sites in my Google Reader. I feel like spreading the wealth! Hopefully I turn you on to some good art you might not have seen.


Friday, July 08, 2011

"Digital Dust"

12x18 Gouache on Watercolor Paper.

I did this piece as a live painting event called Gallery Wednesdays here in Santa Rosa. It's fun to paint under pressure sometimes....

I'm trying this out, selling the original through Saatchi. If you decide to buy it, let me know how your experience dealing with the site turns out. It's brand new to me so it will help me out.

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