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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New "Painted Roses" Series Paintings + The Safehouse Show VI: The Rooster Show

Hey everyone! As you can see, I've been really busy working on a lot of things, so I've been updating a lot more lately. I would normally space these posts out a bit, but there is a reason to get these out at this time. I am participating in a number of group shows very soon, so I want to make sure you know before the shows debut.
I have returned to the Painted Roses series after a relatively long absence. Even though it remains by far my most popular series, I made sure that I wouldn't come back to it without having something new to bring to it. I came up with a way to be able to incorporate the pattern in the model without having to have her covered in the "right kind of tattoos." I've also wanted to work with this model, "Floofie", of Portland, for the longest time so I am so glad to have been able to when I was up there. These are only the first two, expect plenty more.

After all the experience of painting patterns in the time between the last paintings of this series and now, I have found it much less of an ordeal to paint these. I think it comes from experience. It felt really good to come back to this series; much more so than I expected. A sign, perhaps? It felt like putting on a good pair of jeans the second day in a row. Maybe not quite as fresh but it fits you better.

"Aorangi" 6x14 in. oil on linen mounted on cradled panel.

 "Heliotrope" 6x14 in. oil on linen mounted on cradled panel.

I got it together this time, so I have these up on already! Buy a print of either of these today!

The reason I am not hesitating to get this post out there is because "Heliotrope" is going to be up for silent auction one night only. Our dear friend and denizen of the Safehouse Studio in San Francisco Pat Mathews (aka Flex Mathews from a million years ago) has an adorable one-eyed pit bull Rooster (named after Rooster Cogburn, get it?) The poor thing needed heart surgery, and because he's an artist, he needs help paying the vet bills. We are all happy to help in whatever way we can, so we are participating in a group auction with a good chunk of it going to the cause. Check out the lineup! 
You know a lot of the names right? There will be a lot of us in attendance, and this will most likely be the only chance to buy some of our originals for a stupidly good price.
John Wentz
Greg Gandy
Kim Cogan
Jeremy Mann
Aaron Nagel
Karla Ortiz
Cody Miles
Kemp Remillard
Christine MacTernan
Ryan Lee
Shawn Barber
Can't afford a painting? Get some coozies!

There will be no online component to the auction. All sales will be done in-person, in the studio, so please attend if you are interested in buying. "Heliotrope" has already gotten interest from potential collectors, so I am expecting it to sell. Don't miss out! This might be your only shot at it.

Drawings For Sale
Prints For Sale


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