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Monday, November 26, 2012

Randy Higbee Gallery - 6 Inch Squared Show 2012 - Landscape Paintings

It's that time of the year where all of us fine art painters break out the the small canvases and do our best to create little jewels for the holiday season. Small works are popular, well really any time of the year, but in the spirit of gift giving they become even more popular for those looking for a good gift for art loving friends and family.

There are many different galleries doing small-works shows this time of the year, but my favorite one to participate in is Randy Higbee's 6 Inch Squared show. He always attracts a few of the best landscape painters around and does a really great job promoting the show. I am always happy to be included, and I have even won an award in the competition for best 6x6" painting last year. It's a lot of fun to be a part of it. If you are not friends with Randy Higbee on Facebook, I highly recommend being one if only for the "awards ceremony" he puts on when he announces who were the best submissions.

Here are the 6 of mine which made it in this year.

Retreating Storm

This was painted in my hometown of Santa Rosa on Mountain View Road, which is one of my favorite places to paint in town. The rain clouds were clearing out, which is one of my favorite weather conditions to paint. I love the way the light looks and the shape of the clouds after a good rain.

October Sun
This one was done at the Annadel Winery off of Highway 12 just southwest of Santa Rosa. It's got a ton of different places to paint. This was painted at the OPA paintout. I tried to convey the hot midday sun as best as I could, using a high-key palette, and subtle grayed-down violets against electric yellows.

Carolina Sunrise

This was painted in the morning right after I painted "Carolina Sunrise." We woke up super-early to catch the amazing sunrise, and capture the scene as best as I could. It was neat to catch the pinks in the distant clouds.

California Hues

I was going for a nice Early California Painter feel with this one, with the chunky block strokes and unorthodox color scheme. Again this was in between storms so I had to work quick to capture the essence of the light here.

Annadel Garden
This one was on the beautiful grounds of the Annadel Winery between Santa Rosa and Sonoma. I think the sunlight and time of day is pretty accurately portrayed in this painting.

Carolina Sunset

This one was painted at a boat launch just west of Charleston. The colors of the sunset were gorgeous. I only had about 20 minutes to do a quick study before the light left us, then I did the rest in my studio. Sunsets are difficult to capture the true feeling of, so it's a treat when you are able to even get close.

If you want to see all 600+ paintings(!) you can click on this link. Hope you have a couple of hours to spare... If you want to see the paintings in person, you can visit the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA.

A pic of last year's show:

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