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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Landscapes and Patterns

It's going to be a busy weekend for me! My figure painting demo is on Saturday, and I'm in a group show on Sunday.

This show is called "The Arts and Crafts Aesthetic." If you are not familiar, it's an art movement that started in the 1860's mostly led by William Morris and influenced many movements that came after it, especially Art Nouveau. Here in the States and especially California, it became the American Craftsman style, and is still quite popular in architecture, interior design, furniture and other decorative arts.

The show is mostly centered around the art of Jack Cassinetto, whose work is highly influenced by early 20th-century California Arts and Crafts artists. His highly stylized paintings are always well-designed and he designs his own frames. He is a real craftsman in the sense of the word. As part of the show, the Christopher Queen Gallery asked us to produce work with the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement.

I did some fun research into the history of the movement and decided on doing some relatively simple landscapes with hand-painted liners filled with patterns based off of William Morris and C.F.A. Voysey textiles. I really liked finding some new patterns to work with, and it gave me some new ideas on future concepts I want to flesh out.

"On The Road To Fallon" 12x16 in. oil on linen board.

"Bloomfield Eucalyptus" 12x16 in. oil on linen board.

"Evening Sonnet" 12x16 in. oil on linen board.

Here are the flyers for the show - good lineup:

Christopher Queen Galleries
Champagne Reception
March 3rd, 2013 1 to 3 pm

Also Showing Dave Sellers, F. Michael Wood, Paul Kratter, Sergio Lopez, Bart Walker, Wanda Westberg, & guest artist Terry Sauve.

Show continues through April.

Christopher Queen Galleries
#4 John Orr's Gardens
Duncans Mills, CA 95430

Figurative Painting Demo

A 2 hour Demonstration in Oil 
Location: Epperson Gallery 
1400 Pomona St, Valona, CA 94525 
(510) 787-2925 

 Cost: $20 - Hours: 1:00-3:00pm 
March 2, 2013  

"Sergio Lopez has been working on the Painted Roses series for over 2 years. In that time he has been developing techniques in order to further refine the sensitivity in his figure paintings. Join us at the Epperson Gallery on Saturday, March 2nd to learn insights into how he has brought together his training in Alla Prima figure painting with his explorations of more refined multi-session paintings. Sergio will paint a model from life to demonstrate and speak about these methods. The demonstration will begin at 1:00 pm and last approximately two hours followed by a question and answer period." 

"For further information, please contact: gerald[@} "

RSVP or REGISTER HERE:!demos-lectures--paint-outs/cen1

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Anonymous said...

Very cool~! Good luck w/ the show!

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