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Monday, May 19, 2014

Carmel Art Festival 2014: Sprint Painting

I have returned from the Carmel Art Festival. I had a great time painting in Carmel as usual, which is the main reason I do it. I did decently well with sales this year. I changed it up a bit and painted a bunch of small paintings. I wanted to see if a bunch of small paintings would be more enticing to buyers than hoping to win a prize with two large paintings, as is what seems to be the usual strategy.

I checked in on Wednesday night (again, why they do evening check-ins I don't know) and went out to Lover's Point in Monterey. I won't show that painting here because it was a clunker, but it was nice to get away from the heat of the rest of California and be near the beach. Speaking of the beach, I painted a rare nocturne. The moon was so gorgeous, so I went down to Carmel Beach to do this painting in the dark, save for moonlight and my two booklights.

"A Perfect Night" 8x8 in. oil on linen. SOLD

Thursday was another perfect day with hardly any wind and almost no clouds and fog. That is extremely rare for the Monterey coast. In the morning I worked up this 8x10 near a pullout in the town of Carmel Highlands. There are parts of it I like, but I could do better.

Next I went into Point Lobos to knock out a bunch of small paintings. This painting of Whalers Cove turned out to be pretty well-received. I thought it was fairly successful. I'm probably going to use it as a study for something larger.

"Otter's Playground" 6x8 in. oil on linen board. $425

I hiked along the trail to the other side of the cove to paint from Granite Point. This part of Point Lobos is usually too windy to paint from comfortably. Fortunately, it was just perfect when I was out there. Although it was very complicated of a subject, I think I did ok with it, and so did a collector who purchased the painting.
"Gull's Perch" 6x6 in. oil on linen. SOLD

This is a painting that I've wanted to do for a while. I am planning on doing this one larger, and a slightly longer and narrower aspect ratio. There was a lot going on in this scene and it was hard to keep it from getting out of control, but I think the areas that are not full of texture give the eyes enough of a rest.

"Up The Trail" 10x7 in. oil on linen. $500

This painting has grown on me since painting it. I was attracted to the greens of the foliage in the middle ground, but the light effect is what is attractive about the painting. This is on my list to paint larger.

"Sea Greens" 7x10 in. oil on linen. 

On the flip side, this painting has dropped in appeal to me since I painted it. I was too rushed in the amount of time I gave myself to paint it. The light and color is not at all reading like how I wanted it. It might work if I could have it in the same evening light, but obviously that won't happen. It's something I need more experience with, compensating for the color of the environment while painting.

This was another scene I knew I was going to paint for the show. My enthusiasm for the subject matter and light I'm sure was evident to the judge John Burton because he gave me an award for it. It also sold a few hundred dollars above retail price! I noticed this year that most of the award winners fetched a lot of bids whereas it was slim pickings with everything else.

 "Welcome To Rocky Point" 8x10 in. oil on linen board. SOLD FOR $600

I love Garland Ranch Park, it's one of my favorite places to paint in the area. However, the dead of noon is one of the hardest part of the days to paint. The shadows are flatter, the color is bleached out, and it's hot too. I hunted around for a view that had a decent light and dark pattern so I peeked through backlit trees to the view east. There was a lot going on with the foliage. If I had the time I would have worked the background one day, and the foreground the next.

This was another painting that I feel would need a couple of days to study the view. There is a lot going on in the background, a lot of really subtle color temperature shifts. I think I need to tone down the reddish tree in the foreground too. But I think it would make an awesome large format painting.

On Saturday we have most of the day to do some more painting. I went to Monterey Beach and painted a lively scene of the beachgoers. There were moving clouds that made a nice spot of light that helped the design. I pushed the pinks and peaches in the scene.

"Enjoying The Weekend" 9x12 $700

I had a hard time choosing a subject for Sunday's quick draw. It was overcast, and most of the street scenes were flat and gray. I didn't feel like painting at the beach, but I was running out of options. I settled on this scene of the rooftops. I was attracted to the hills in the distance, and the light on the white roof. I didn't have a chance to work out the composition as well as I wanted to and it bit me in the long run. I had to repaint the entire left side and re-establish the light-dark pattern. I was really flailing at one point. I don't love the final result but I think I salvaged it enough to not feel totally embarassed about it. It also speaks to the importance of being psyched about the subject matter when plein air painting.

And so goes another year for the Carmel Art Festival. Myself, I did a little better than last year, and therefore better than I ever have in the 3 years of participation. I noticed less people looking at the art this year. I don't know if they've let certain things go as far as advertisement goes, but it kind of goes to show that keeping up with advertisement is important to have fresh buyers. You can't rest on your laurels if you want to continue your success. I hope the organizers of the event realize this and invest more effort into getting the word out about a really good show.

If you want to check out the other paintings from the show check the link out here:

This week I go out to Paso Robles for the Paso Arts Fest. It's going to be a great event with many awesome plein air painters. Check out the roster of artists: 
More info can be found in their brochure:
I'm posting my paintings I did for the "dry painting" sale here:
 "Cambria Cliffs" 9x12 in. oil on linen. $700

 "Terra Firma" 14x11 in. oil on linen. $900

 "A Scene of Harmony" 11x14 in. oil on linen. $900

"Pacific Pathway" 18x24 in. oil on linen. $2400

I love the San Luis Obispo area and am very much looking forward to painting there. If you are in the Central California area, please come by and check out the Wet Painting sale Saturday the 24th.

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