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Monday, May 26, 2014

Paso Arts Fest 2014: Success in Central California

The Paso Arts Fest was a good success for me! I had good sales, fun times with my plein air friends, and discovered many beautiful areas to paint in the San Luis Obispo area.

I was invited by Anne Laddon last October to participate in this event. I had never heard of it before, but the invitation said Quang Ho would be the judge and keynote speaker? I'm so in. Also, a bunch of other solid artists said they were in, too. Here is the line-up: Jeff Bellerose, Kim Casebeer, Kevin Courter, James Crandall, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Tim Horn, W. Truman Hosner, Paul Kratter, Ann Larsen, Ruo Li, Carolyn Lord, Kim Lordier, Terry Miura, Robin Purcell, Glenn Renell, Kate Starling, Bryan Mark Taylor, and Elizabeth Tolley. Great group! With this caliber of artist, it's no surprise that the event was the success it was.

We were required to complete 4 paintings before the event to exhibit in the Studios on the Park Gallery in downtown Paso Robles. Here are mine:

"Misty Hills" 12x16 in. oil on linen board. $1200
 "Terra Firma" 14x11 in. oil on linen board. $900
"A Scene of Harmony" 11x14 - $900
"Pacific Pathway" 18x24 - SOLD
By the way, the Signature Exhibition paintings are still available.

We artists arrived at different times of the week to begin painting for the "Wet Painting Sale." The first place I painted in the area was a scene on the outskirts of Santa Margarita. There was this amazing fog bank coming from the west over the hills that created an extremely unique effect. This was early evening where the light was nice and gold.

7x10 in. oil on linen board. Santa Margarita.

I went down the road from the first scene and did this extremely quick study of the rapidly vanishing evening light. I didn't think it was worth showing, but if I feel like it, I can make a larger painting out of the color info after better design of the shapes.
6x8 inches.
Day two: The day was foggy in the morning. I find it hard to be motivated on a gray day to paint, especially when I know I can wait a few hours for the sun to come out. I am however, used to gray days on the coast, so I was comfortable with painting this scene in Morro Bay. This was painted at Bayshore Bluffs Park, a tiny public park tucked away from the downtown of Morro Bay. Charming little area.

"Gray Shore Blues" 8x14 in. oil on linen board. Morro Bay.

Here is a scene of those very characteristic hills of Central California. Are they limestone? I painted this from a beautiful little nature preserve in Los Osos.

"Los Osos Hills" 6x6 in. oil on linen board. SOLD.

On my way back to Paso Robles, I stopped by my new gallery in San Luis Obispo, Just Looking Gallery. They are doing well for me, and they have my work in the front windows. Check them out if you're in the area.
I couldn't get into a good painting groove for the rest of the day. Nothing was inspiring me enough to want to stop and paint before the VIP Welcome Party. Instead I took it easy for the rest of the day and then went to the Beckett Estate(owners of the Peachy Canyon Winery). They have an amazing view!
Day Three: I drove out to this small pond I found last time I came to the area, along Chimney Rock Road. It was a gorgeous warm day with nice haze to it, the condition I love to paint in.

"The Long Pond." 10x16 in. oil on linen board. Paso Robles. SOLD.
I had heard that Pasolivo was an especially scenic property to paint. It wasn't so much to my taste, but after hunting around for a while, I found a somewhat unusual composition to go after. I am trying to stay away from too simple/obvious compositions when I can.

8x10 in. oil on linen. Pasolivo.
This was the last painting I did for the show. I came across a killer view of the hills going west from Adelaida Road. It had everything I like.

"Sister Hug" 12x9 in. oil on linen board. Adelaida Rd. Paso Robles.
I got back to my hotel with just enough time to shower before going to the VIP Dinner that featured Quang Ho's keynote speech. It delivered! I found it fascinating, and visually breathtaking on account of all the paintings of his in the slideshow. He was very inspiring. He also announced the awards of the Signature Exhibition. W. Truman Hosner won the Best of Show honor for his outstanding body of work. I was stunned to win an award for my painting, "Misty Hills." He also had this to say about my work: "Keep an eye out for this young man. He is a 'painter'. I love the liquidness of your paint and the tonal control of that painting was outstanding." Let me tell you, when Quang Ho says this about your work, it's a really good feeling. We went over to the Studios On The Park building to check out the show. Quang Ho had some of his paintings on display. Check out these closeups. Even the crops hold up as paintings. So much good painting going on!

Here are a few of the paintings from the show. Make a stop in Paso Robles if you can to check it out, it's one of the best landscape shows around right now.
Bryan Mark Taylor. 
 Kevin Courter
 James Crandall
W. Truman Hosner 
Kim Lordier.
The live auction happened on the day of the Wet Painting Sale(Saturday). Oh boy, hold on to your hats. You need some strong nerves to be able to put your ego up on the chopping block. Can you handle if your painting doesn't fetch a high price? It will be there for everyone to see. The way it worked was that you are supposed to set a minimum reserve price for the painting you offer for the live auction. The reserve needs to be met to be able to sell to the bidder. Once it's met, sky's the limit, although most fell around the $600 to $900 range. A few went over the $1000 wall, but not a whole lot beyond that. My strategy was to offer a painting that was characteristic of the area (Sister Hug) that might have trouble selling elsewhere. I used the benefit of the auction setting to my advantage. It is almost a guaranteed sale, as long as the painting is strong. So I put up one that not only isn't too expensive normally (<$700) I had a feeling could fetch a decent price and was happy with only meeting reserve price. If it didn't hit the reserve, then I could be certain that no one was going to buy it full retail anyway. My painting was the last one to auction, so I wasn't sure how it would go. Fortunately, not only was the reserve met, but it went $200 over the retail! So my strategy worked out this time. I think a live auction can work well as long as it's done this way, where everyone gets a shot at putting a painting up, instead of the Carmel Art Festival which only takes the paintings that already have more than 5 bids in the silent auction to the live auction.

Overall, this event was a good success for me. I sold 4 paintings(including a large-midrange size one) so it was definitely worth it financially. I hope I am invited again for next year and they can manage to get a judge with the caliber of a Quang Ho again. The show is up until June 29th. I highly encourage you to make the trip to Paso Robles to check the show out if you can. It's one of the best landscape shows you'll see on the west coast this summer.

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