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Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 Main Loop Roadtrip Part 2: Telluride Plein Air

Telluride was a great experience again this year, with perfect weather pretty much the entire time there. I got to dig in to more of the town than last year, and I got to paint in some areas that I saw last year.

This was my first official painting of the event. I had a mis-start the evening before and junked a "wiper." This was a view from the house I was staying in, which was an amazing multi-million dollar home in the hills above Telluride. Great views of the San Miguel mountain range.
"Wilson Peak After Dawn" 6x8 in. oil on linen board.

I spent most of the day painting around the town of Telluride. This is one of the charming scenes about town that make it so much fun to paint in town.
"Summer In The Shade" 8x6 in. oil on linen board

This is one of those scenes that I didn't get around to last year. I think I can do a better job with this one especially in the waterfall part. It doesn't quite feel like a waterfall; it looks more like an actual bridal veil, in fact.

"Bridal Veil Falls" 9x12 in. oil on linen board


This was a painting that I redid. I tried to 
"Wait Right Here"  9x12 in. oil on linen board.

This was a view just down the road from the house I was staying at. See how that whole "house worth millions" thing is starting to make sense?
"Deer's Haven" 12x16 in. oil on linen board.
This was one of my smallest paintings yet one of my most popular paintings of the ones I did out there. People seem to really enjoy tall narrow paintings for some reason. I believe it is because it's easier to find a spot to put them on the wall. Especially with a little guy like this one going for $450, people seem to consider them a bargain.
"Fall Creek" 9.5x4.5 in. oil on linen board.
This painting took a couple of days to finish. I started it one day, then I saw a herd of elk behind me in the distance. I don't know if they were going to make their way over to me, or if they get aggressive, but I sure wasn't going to find out. I came back the next day a little bit earlier and finished it.
"The Valley Floor" 11x14 in. oil on linen board

This painting I had to paint rapidly because of the sun rapidly vanishing behind me, but the drawing and some of the values suffered because of it. Paintings of the evening are very hard to nail in one shot.
"It's Magical" 8x8 in. oil on linen board.

This was a view from a vista point near where I was staying. One of the many beautiful parts of Highway 145. Very much worth the drive if you ever find your way out there.
"Her Majesty" 12x9 in. oil on linen board.

I drove down what has to be one of the most scenic roads in the country to Rico, a small town with a lot of western "mining town" legacy still permeating the feel of the place. I painted a large BBQ grill on wheels with some smoke coming out of it. I enjoyed leaving it sketchy-looking with the vignetted look to it.
"What's Cookin'?" 11x14 in. oil on linen board.

This painting turned out to be way more popular than I ever expected it to be, especially among artists. It was painted at late evening. The diffused golden light that bathes the entire town at evening is incredible. The muted tones made people think I was going for an "old fashioned" look, but it really did look that way to me.
"If You Squint Hard Enough" 6x8 in. oil on linen board.

I didn't get a better photo of this one because it sold before I was able to take a good picture of it. I'll take a sale over a good photo of the painting, any day.
"The Clock Tower" 9.5x4.5 in. oil on linen board. Quick Draw, Sold

After a very strangely-handled live auction of the quick-draw paintings(who starts an auction high and goes lower?? :-/ ) it was time for the Artist Choice Award Reception gala. Here are the award winners:

3rd Place: Larry Rudolph. He is good at handling black paint in his work, I don't see a whole lot of plein air painters blatantly using ivory black in their paintings.
2nd Place: Wayne Mackenzie, who sold out during the outdoor show. Great job!
1st Place: Susiehyer. This was a very impressive and ambitious painting for a plein air event. It was also very well done. It was my second choice behind Nancy McDonald's awesome street scene.

4th of July in Telluride is always a big deal in town, with the parade, fly-overs, and fireworks. The idea is that the influx of people brings a lot of eyeballs to our tents and sales will follow. That is true for some people, and not as much for others.
Here is a shot of my paintings on the wall.
By day two, I got a little bored of the lack of sales. I did some sketching of the environment.
I left Telluride with more paintings than I hoped to come back with. Sales were awesome for some people and not-as-awesome for others. It's hard to say whether or not it was because it was a down-year, or what. It didn't really feel like it. The people who sell well, do well. I guess that leaves the rest of us to step it up and learn how to sell better, or continue to be disappointed. One of these days I'll see something worth reading here:

Coming soon: The conclusion to my travels.... Part 3: Zion and the Eastern Sierras!

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