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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

2014 Main Loop Roadtrip Pt. 1: The Road to Telluride

Hey everyone, I had a great time not only in Telluride, Colorado but on my way there and back. I feel like I ought to break my recap up into a few segments, otherwise it's going to be way too long and who wants to sit there and read that. Don't worry, plenty of paintings and pictures to see in each part.

It took me way less time to get through Nevada this year than last year, on account of me driving through the night instead of the middle of the day and over-heating my car. I was familiar with the territory, so I knew I wasn't missing much by driving Northern Nevada at night.

One nice thing about driving at night is when the sun comes out, desert sunrises are hard to beat. Future painting? Who knows.
It wasn't much longer until I made it to SLC. During my stop in Salt Lake City, I checked out Illume Gallery downtown. It's a gallery I've known about for a while, and I was happy to see the artists in there. Lots of California artists, but also a nice who's-who of plein air painters in there, like Matt Smith, Lori Putnam, and others. Kathryn Stats' paintings are amazing in person, photos of the paintings online don't do them any justice.
Entrance to the Illume Gallery.
Salt Lake City is nice, but it was time to get moving to the places I'd been wanting to paint at since last year. Between Provo and Price is a really beautiful stretch of mountains and hills that I consider to be very underrated. I think if the rest of Utah wasn't even more beautiful, this area would be much better known to the rest of the US. The greens and reds of the mountains make a beautiful interplay of color that are a treat to paint.
"Spanish Fork" 3.25x5.25 in. oil on linen board.
"Price Canyon" 6x12 in. oil on linen board. Price, UT.
I made it to Green River that night. After last year's lack-luster bout with hotels around Green River last year, I thought there would be no way to plunge even further down in quality when it comes to rooms. Boy was I wrong. Read my review of "Budget Inn" and have a laugh at the expense of my misery: My Yelp review of Budget Inn in Green River, UT.


The next day I drove down to glorious Moab, UT. It's one of those towns that's hard to believe can exist in such perfect proximity to amazing national parks. This was one of the parts of the trip that I'd been looking forward to the most. Canyonlands was the surprise gem of the trip. I didn't know anything about it going in, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It's like a mini-Grand Canyon, but with way less people. Amazing vistas in abundance. I didn't paint a lot here because I just wanted to explore it. Here is the one painting I did at the Grand View Point.
"Canyonlands" 6.25x10.25" oil on linen board. Moab, UT.


Now to Arches. I definitely didn't spend enough time here. It's a gorgeous, weird place with all sorts of fantastic rock formations, mesas, and canyons. You know what I didn't see a ton of, though? Actual arches. I maybe saw four of them. I thought I was going to see them all over the place... but that's a small gripe. There are plenty of weird rocks to see that don't have holes in them.

I painted this near the trail that leads up to the famous Delicate Arch. This painting looks unfinished? It pretty much is. I didn't realize it, but I set up next to a nest of biting ants. I was halfway into it but then I started getting creep-crawlies up my leg, and even got bit a few times. I tried to tough it out as long as I could, but it just got to be too much. I packed it in after a while.
I went up to Devil's Garden, which is one of the most dramatic parts of Arches, and where I understand a majority of the iconic arches of the park are. I didn't have time to explore the area much, I only had time to paint this one in the evening light. I definitely want to come back and spend some time here.
This is a crop of Courthouse Tower. The evening light is long in the park, so it gave me about a half an hour or so to do this quick painting of this awesome rock structure.
"Courthouse Tower" 9x11 in. oil on linen board.
These parks are both amazing, and actually on the cheap side for a day pass as far as national parks go. I wish I could have spent more time at each, because they definitely deserve more than a half-day of time each.

One for the crazy-coincidences department: I ran into my friend Carla in the town of Moab after being in the parks all day. Not only did she and her boyfriend spend the day in Arches at the same time, but we randomly happened to be at the same pizza parlor in town at the same time! Small world alert. 
My day in Utah was done, so it was time to get ready to make my way to Telluride!

Coming next: Part 2 - Telluride Plein Air 2014!

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