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Monday, March 23, 2015

Interbloom: A Collaboration Between Artist and Model.

Hey everyone! This blog will be all about taking you through a concept of mine from genesis of the idea to finished painting. The last time I did this was for "Indigo Heart" back in 2013. This one will be even more thorough.

The idea came to me during one of those half-between-sleep-and-waking states that are somehow very fruitful when it comes to generating ideas. I didn't have an extremely solid idea in my head, but I thought it may work. I sometimes go back to check other artists work to make sure I didn't rip the idea off from somebody else, too. 

This was the very first sketch of the idea. Done with almost no reference, this was just to get the idea out of my head, and to approach the model with it.

Before getting to this point, I had to get all of the props that fit the idea. This meant going to the fabric store, craft shops, and online purveyors of faux-flowers. I reached out to my lovely model Ash Weiss and pitched her my idea. She obliged, and so we arranged shoot #1.

Once I shot these reference photos I went through and looked for what might work as a potential concept. Because I knew she would come back, I was fine with it not being perfect yet. Having the chance to go through and review the reference to improve it for next time is a novel concept for me.
The second time Ash came back we had some improvements to the costume itself. There were ribbons that held the makeshift dress together instead of rope. I decided to go with a random background rose distribution. After shooting, I went through and picked the most potentially interesting reference shots.
Next time Ash came over, I did a little bit of extra reference shots (that I don't remember using) but most importantly I did a quick color study of her. Almost no attention was paid to her proportions. Because this was painted on a cloudy day and the best reference was shot on a sunny day, it turned out not to be so useful.
This study was painted under the same conditions as the reference, and so was much more useful. I painted this one over a couple of different days.Again, drawing was not much of an importance. However, some attention needed to be paid when it got into more detail.
Now that I was armed with the reference I wanted to paint and the study, it was time to start the actual painting. I began with the usual grid that I then carefully drew the figure into. I believe I mostly used graphite to draw this one out.
Stage 2: The block-in. I mostly filled with local color.
This may look like a big jump, but all did was essentially paint in the light and dark pattern, with some degree of blending together the transition tones.
Here I am starting to paint in the background pattern.
An update on the pattern.
Much further along with the patterns.
Almost done with the background pattern.
Finally done with the background pattern and working on the the roses.
The start of the dress pattern.
Finished with the dress pattern. The "shimmering" effect was starting to work.
This was where I started to finish the roses.
Almost done with the roses.
A close-up of the finished roses.
Here is the finished painting. Click on it to see it in higher detail.
"Interbloom: Silk Rain" 20x16 in. oil on linen mounted on board. 2015
This painting, along with others, will be making its public debut at Wonderland SF. I am doing a 3-person show with my friends MJ Lindo and Joshua Lawyer there. The opening reception will be May 31st 2015. I will share more information about it as I share more paintings for the show.
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