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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quick Trips And Paintings

I've been having a good time getting out of Santa Rosa for little chunks at a time this summer. Here are a few paintings that I've done recently.


I met my buddy Judson for a few days out in Mendocino Follow his Instagram account ( to see the paintings he did out there, they're pretty sweet.

I got there on a rare sunny day for the area (the main downfall of that part of the coast, soooo many gloomy days) but I had not yet recovered fully from my trip to Easton, set-up-wise, because I had some some missing parts to my plein air gear, AND I my tripod connection had loosened, making dealing with the wind that had picked up pretty impossible without jerry-rigging a tightening solution using some rope. Part of the reason this painting is so loose and sketchy is because I was fighting with the set-up. I still had fun trying some different paint application.

Later in the evening I worked on this one at the beach. There was a really nice light effect that I tried to capture from life.

Last night I took it into my studio and finished it up. It's 8x10".

The next morning was gray and foggy, but the headlands have such interesting unique structures that you can make cool designs easily. I used plenty of ivory black to get quick color harmony and focused mostly on value control. This is probably my best one. 9x12".

Before I left the area that evening, I walked down Big River to find this scene which also feels at home in any western state, really. There were a steady stream of kayakers along the river, so I managed to capture one as I finished the painting. This one is 9x12".

Sardine Lake

This weekend I went with my lady and her friends up to Sardine Lake, home of the majestic Sierra Buttes. This lovely spot is in Tahoe National forest, and if you want classic granite peaks, it might be the quickest way to find them from where I live. I probably would have painted more had I been alone but here is the one 6x8" painting I did out there. I took a lot of photos, and I plan on working on larger pieces in the studio soon. 

There is still plenty of plein air painting events for me this year. Next week I'm heading up to the Columbia River Gorge area bordering Oregon and Washington for the Pacific Northwest Plein Air event. I'm looking forward to seeing many friends, and for the first time ever, I'll be camping the entire event! Should be a fun time, and I am looking forward to painting in that area, as always.

For all the necessary info, you can go here to check it out:

Sonoma Plein Air

Because of a big snafu in scheduling and unmet expectations, I wasn't able to participate in Sonoma Plein Air last year.... But I am so looking forward to coming back this year! It's always one of my favorite events, not in the least because it takes place in my home area. I already have some spots picked out, and I plan on approaching it similar to how I did Easton this year. If you read my post about Easton, you will have learned about my future plans on strategizing for plein air events in the future, so I am looking forward to testing it out.

Paso Arts Fest

This is going to be my 3rd year in a row participating in Paso Arts Fest. I LOVE painting in that area, I have done well before, and I just always have a good time there. There is a large "Outdoor Fair" component of it that is open to other artists, but we are part of the "Signature Exhibition" at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles, California.

We arrive the 26th of September and exhibit our work on the 29th.  For a list of the participating artists, click here:

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